My Hoods Not My Hood Anymore

root - Posted on 23 April 2009

Gentrification of The Fill-No-More Continues!

by QueenNandi/PNN

Gang injunction malfunctions and gentricide slowly decimated the fillmore and its� history, paving a pearly white road for the wealthy and privileged. If the Western Addition is genuine in its� definition, then the African and Japanese American communities reared here on this land have been expendable before it was even established.

Early Fillmore dwellers were not as quick to kill other "slaves" that lived in close by "plantations" such as O.C, TURKWOOD, K.O, J-TOWN etc. Instead it was favorable for all to get together on the "Fillmore Strip" to have some good ol� fashion fun, and intoxicate themselves with the aroma of down home blues, jazz and some tasty soul food.

Peaceful gentricide was not as common then as it is now, the O.G�s stuck together a little better and did not hesitate to challenge the powers that "bloody be" when the peoples� rights were violated. The oppressors used another war tactic called Tricknology to move out long residing families and the well-to-do black business owners. They tricked those into believing that if the people endured the displacement during reconstruction that the "pie crust promise" would hold up and they would be able to have first pick of the "New Fillmore Order", only to be left literally outside in the cold, holding a piece of paper (certificate) that was distributed by gentrifiers. These people went on to be eventually denied by the same gentrifiers,so I ask you is this equality is this justice? It is a particularly black exodus to homelessness.

The "tricksters" of the 2000�s are upping the ante on "pie crust promises", again gaining the trust/respect of the people for a certain position or status. Once obtained they continue on with the vicious cycle of misusing and abusing the same people that built the steps to the ladder that was needed to climb up. Next it�s the lack of motivation, or just plain fear of "guvment retaliation" on the part of us peoples� to unify, stand up for ourselves, and exercise our natural intellect and common sense.

Inconsistencies run rampant, seldom seen and unchecked in my hood�, families in low-income dwellings such as myself are feeling quite expendable due to the mismanagement of files, lack of assistance and respect from the "professionals". It is not that we are looking for a handout, we are looking for common decency and respect that is the right of every human being. That is why I say my hoods� not my hood anymore.


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