Elder Woman's Truth Very Telling.

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

Is being Inadequate a Black thing?

Is it equal opportunity for all?

How does a 2nd class citizen...

get access to slander a Presidential candidate?

by Joseph Bolden

Elder Woman’s Truth Very Telling.

Well,besides veiled threat from one Senator of possible harm to another Senator,weird vote counting,now we have Ms. Harriet Christian, seething,going ballistic over Senator Clinton not getting the nomination.

She’s one of many angry women ok,I get that.

Between this her/his story political event, sexist/racist comments from either side
of the isle.

The Black Male inadequacy thing had to fall like the proverbial other shoe.

That is came from a enraged elder is significant.

She said what she meant the moment she said it.

Maybe women do see this as their time.

Only problem is white women were,are,and continue to be entitled.

The proof from the lips of one angry elderly white woman’s willing to if she could sink all boats if her chosen candidate loses the nomination for President of these yet to be united states.

Question: How does Ms. Harpy,um,Harriet know of Mr. Obama’s being inadequate?

Has she had experiences with inadequate men of color socially

or is this coming out the side of her mouth,crack of her A – which was reconstructed where her mouth is normally located?

Its just another example showing the underbelly of Amerikkka.

She’s a second class citizen of New York!

As a born,partly raised, former New Yorker I can say

She’s no second class citizen.

Ms. Christian may feel that way however reality has rudely reminded me what S.C.C. really means and is.

Remember Ms. Harriet, Christian isn’t an aberration there untold millions of minions as she but she got to say what many wouldn’t say in public but will spew out privately.

Maybe its time I take the freeze,wait, reanimate,people seriously.

If and when suspended animation is possible while I’m alive
I’ll return to a better world.

Problem is Ms. Christian may be waiting meet up to savage me the same as Mr. Obama.

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