Letter to the Editor

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

A response to the Ella Hill Hutch Closing story that ran in last month's issue.

by Charles Pitts

Ella Hill Hutch is the bottom-rung shelter in the city and county of San Francisco. It’s horrid that you try to say anything positive about these people

You have people saying they worked at 39 fell; this should be a red flag that they have a fetish for abusing people that can’t fight back

39 fell was closed because of its vile conditions, like racial slurs panted on the walls and doors, open drainage pipes and gang graffiti.

Robert Pitts (director of 39 fell ) hit me when I came in to help them
keep 39 fell open (is this the type of staff you want over you? This town's poverty pimps think so. )

Berry Drewmore worked at 39 fell then Central City Hospitality House, but got fired when he called the clients slurs.(A 39 FELL model employee.)

Back to Ella Hill Hutch…Ella would have to comply with THE STANDARDS OF CARE that just passed to keep its doors open. What I know is that Ella would have to give the people eight hours of sleep. Now people enter at 10 and get a wakeup mat kick at 5.

When I stayed at Ella it felt like they did not want to turn on the heat they gave me a lint infested blanket with more holes then cloth

What’s missing from this story is why Ella is closing. Instead of treating the clients with respect, providing soap and toilet paper
and eight hours of sleep they close. How compassionate Ella.

Gavin did not close this place. Ella closed this place, maybe they are offended or upset that they can’t abuse people anymore because the STANDARDS OF CARE have changed everything

I’m more worried about where the money for these places will go.


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