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root - Posted on 31 December 1969

Federal Communications Commission.

Is the I-Net for all of us...

or just the cash flow few?

by Joseph Bolden

Found & Lost

Other folks and I representatives of Poor Magazine/P.N.N.

Were in a huge church like auditorium is Stanford University on Broadband Network Management Practices.

That’s a mouthful!

Lost of techo-speak on carriers mainly from A T&T to Comcast and others about info packets and content hide and removal from websites of users and providers.

I found that internet access is still sketchy for most of us even if we have meager access that is being curtailed by corporate mega giants like Comcast, AT&T, Microsoft to name a few.

Everyone from the start began late.

Our troop of people traveled by bus only to find slight banner,sign panic with sign that read ”No Banners or Signs Allowed Inside”

Good,less work for me as I lay two signs on wooden sticks on the grass.

We were here for the public comment segment.

It was supposed to be 90 seconds but as shadows lengthened on the august higher institution of learning,time is cut in half.

After Identifying myself,organization I represented my own words are added about being in a zero civilization.

Borrowing from famed PhysicistMichio Kaku

On Type O,1-2 and 3 civilizations I said how if we let corporations dictate terms of use our evolution as a species may not continue to evolve to the higher type 1 to3 civilizations,that the internet must remain free clear or there or our civilization will cease to be!

I didn’t say it professionally as I had wished the 90 seconds reduced to 60.

As with others I pray my borrowed words would penetrate the minds of F.C.C. persons,
that they’d strengthen the laws already there, not weak water ‘em down from
corporate pressures of a market given culture leaving applied sciences to speed through without impediments of politics.

I return to my seat after some cheers,later with all of us minus Tiny who left early for parent because parental duties zipped across the bay to Oakland,San Francisco,and other destinations home.

What as lost today early Friday was Wealth workshop learning in Burlingame.

My geography affliction
dooms me to failure in that once at Burlingame I had forgotten the map of where to go after entering S.F.O. to ride a free shuttle service to Marriot Hotel.

Confused,lost in which direction to go I give up spending my dwindling money returning to San Francisco.

The fact is,its better to wait until the wealth building opportunity is in the city proper where getting lost, hopelessly turned around in a new city won’t happen and if does to have enough money to
return and buy cd,books,or programms that are needed for success.

My lesson:Take A Chance With Enough Cash To Dance.

It has to be another day and time when I’m less strapped for cash.

It's job hunt time, doing custodial or kitchen help in a hotel is looking better than the daily G.A. grind which I’m off of now due monetary tax stuff that’s holding up.

May be I’m just off enough for S.S.I
. [Social Security Income At this late date sexy,busty, horny wealthy fems won’t swoop me up as their pet object project.

{wouldn't mind being shared among those lusty, lonely few.}

my best bet keep,stay healthy for my own sake.

The the delicate fems whom the above is most distressing...

Better you be out and about than reading what really goes on in one poor, honest black man's mind.

And if not offended...

Drop me an email some time at jsph_bldn@yahoo.com


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