root - Posted on 01 January 2000

by Leroy F. Moore Jr

I can’t rest

My disabled brothers and sisters are dragged, shot and beaten to death

Society is scared of him..Big, black and mentally ill

Take him away and give him more pills

I can’t sleep

My disabled brothers and sisters are living on the streets

The ADA has done nothing for me
Listen to my life

Got raped in a shelter

Got robbed on the streets

Three strikes and now I’m in prison for life

I can’t rest

28 million dollars for Ed Roberts’ Campus

Can’t even get my SSI cause I have no address... Does anybody care?

Disabled youth abused in foster car..Segregated in school.. now I’m on welfare

My disabled brothers and sisters are put to rest...

On the streets, in psychiatric wards and in prison

But I feel your spirit and anger in my chest

I won’t rest..Your spirit and anger won’t rest

...We won’t let you rest


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