Farmer Sherwoods Glass Eye

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

by Dee

Farmer Sherwoods glass eye shone as the light from the

candle flickered off the glass. The glass was milky

white and it reminded me of my mothers arm and why it

was that I was sitting on Farmer Sherwoods lap in the

middle of the night without my pajama bottoms.

My mother's arm had been milky white also - milky

white in contrast to the crimson blood that spurted out

of the wrists she had cut.

"Go get Mrs Sherwood at the end of the hall", she

whispered faintly. It didn't make sense to me at four

years old why I should get Mrs Sherwood just because

my mother was bleeding from her wrists. Mrs Sherwood

who immediately started screaming and running around

like she was crazy the minute she saw my mother's

milky white arm covered with blood.

Mrs Sherwood's screaming and yelling caused me to get

afraid in the pit of my stomach just like later when I

looked at Farmer Sherwood's milky white glass eye -

when I was all alone with him and didn't have my

mother to protect me from the flickering candle light

on, Farmer Sherwood's glass eye, when he made me sit

on his lap in the middle of the night......


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