A New Breed of Monster

root - Posted on 26 May 2008

PNN Courtwatch Project on the case of a young father trying to father his children.

PNN Courtwatch Project on the case of a young father trying to father his children.


by Marlon Crump/PNN

"On September 18, 2006, I was hospitalized at San Francisco General Hospital, with a broken hip, and a fractured pelvis, from trying to prevent the mother of my children, from driving drunk. The Child Protective Services section manager, Tracy Burris, told me that after I got out of the hospital, I could go get my children."

This is how James, a thirty-six year old African descendent man, began telling his unbelievable story of Child Protective Services (C.P.S.) fraud and abuse.

"A few days later," James continued, "two C.P.S Workers Miss Renee Williams, and trainee Mrs. Donita Carter, asked me various questions, then passed false accusations about my kids, their mother, and her auntie. On the morning of September 28, 2006, Miss Williams called to tell me that my kids were in C.P.S custody, stating that they were living like animals, that I was a women abuser, and so forth."

As a child, I would often see on T.V shows, commercials, even Saturday morning cartoons about the evils of child abuse, tortures, exploitations, and kidnappings. The program advertisements would also share tips for parents in how to protect their children, as well as report child abuse.

Unfortunately, these guidelines are never followed by government agencies and greed has breed a new kind of monster; Child Protective Services. (C.P.S) A racket of sorts, C.P.S receives over $12,000, for each child the agency takes from a family, while receiving billions of dollars in funding from the U.S AmeriKKKan Federal Government.

While many of us residing in C.P.S-plagued poor communities of non-white descent, struggle through desperate hard times; C.P.S is creating even more difficult times, by snatching away children from these communities nationwide. The proper procedural paper-work and protocols are even ignored by the agencies.

This time, C.P.S has truly overstepped its boundaries by preying upon poor, communities of color, like wicked wolves to sheep. A hardworking African Descent man who drives a taxicab at dusk to support his family while taking care of his six children at dawn, James has become the latest victim of this system's savagery and abuse.

On November 6th, 2007, James presented a very lengthy summarization of this eyebrow raising, tear-inducing situation to my entire family at POOR. This is the narrative summarization of the pain inflicted by C.P.S. on James� family.

A longtime ago, an aunt of the mother of James' children that stayed with them reported complete falsehoods to C.P.S about James regarding his children. Because of these "reports" they opened a file on him and his family, and constantly harassed them. What C.P.S fails to reveal is the fact that the aunt is mentally disabled, has prostituted herself for drugs and is a child molester.

Once a neighbor notified Mr. James one night of some unusual activity happening inside his home while he was away at work. When it was discovered that the aunt was using his home as a safe-haven for her tricks, Mr. James immediately removed her from his home and because of this, vengeance entered the mind of the aunt.

Between the years of 2004 and 2005, the aunt was part of a domestic violence support group. As she shared her omissions to the group, the aunt stated to them " I was spanking the kids because their parents would not!" The group facilitator became very disturbed by these words by the aunt, and reported her to C.P.S.

How the C.P.S is able to use the aunt as a credible witness is a question that has yet to be answered and possibly violates the California Penal Code � 11172(a) of False Reporting. Another unanswered question is, aren't all claims of suspected child abuse thoroughly examined by the agency? Was the aunt ever investigated, herself?

On September of 2002, the mother of his six children had a pelvis synthesis separation during the birth of their fifth child. She, along with the U.C Hospital social worker sent in a referral to Department of Human Services (D.H.S) for preventive precautions against child abuse and neglect. The mom was released from San Francisco General Hospital, with their newborn child, despite suffering medical injuries, as a result of this separation.

From the years 2002 to 2004, now having six children, the mother was in dire need for in home support services. The mom called for the services daily, but was told every single time, that her request was either "denied" or "pending." She then started calling the C.P.S Hotline excessively, often crying, distraught, and extremely emotional.

James met with workers of the Bayview Department of Social Services, on many occasions. He made inquiries on whether or not the referral by U.C, was ever going to be honored by them. In mid-2004, after the birth of their 6th child at U.C Hospital, the mother called C.P.S again for preventive cautions due to the fact that there were no supports in place, for her and the family.

In trying to get services again, they dealt with workers, Wade Ishamaura, Rhonda Johnson (Bayview Department of Social Services Staff), Lee Shafer, Adrina Island, Renee Williams, Donita Carter, Amy Prine, Supervisor Jim Colonaco, and Supervisor Cheryl Baker. Section Manager Tracy Burris.

In mid- July of 2005, the mother underwent a life threatening brain surgery, and was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U). Two days after her surgery, she was sent home with absolutely no service anticipations, implemented. In a heated conversation with Supervisor Cheryl Baker face-to-face, she told James and the mother of his children that they were "abusing the system" and that they (D.H.S) do not offer services.

Baker then told them that they had to inquire about other programs, but it was ironic due to the fact that these "other programs" were the ones that referred them to D.H.S, in the first place.

In February of 2006, their children's doctor was changed to a new doctor. During a visit, the mom's auntie brought the children in, and an argument erupted between her and the doctor. The doctor then called C.P.S, and met with one of the workers, Lee Schafer. James consistently filed complaints against the doctor to the hospital administration, up until July of 2006, when the doctor called C.P.S.

The last straw was when the mother of his children told the hospital that they were going to change hospitals, and doctors, due to harassment by this new doctor. Less than a week later, there was another C.P.S Worker called by this same doctor. James and his children's mother then had a meeting with Supervisor Jim Colonaco.

In this meeting, he saw their documents and had them copied for the third straight time. Concerned, Mr. Colonaco called the Bay Area Legal Aid for them, and informed them that they were being harassed by this doctor.

While Mr. James was hospitalized with a broken hip and fractured pelvis, on September 18th, 2006, Miss Williams called him ten days later to tell him that his kids were in C.P.S custody. She told James that his children had been living like animals and that he abused women. James was completely distraught.

"If the San Francisco Police Department, or its Domestic Violence Unit, never deemed me as an abuser, how can C.P.S?" said James with pain in his voice.

850 Bryant (San Francisco Hall of Justice Building) would not hesitate to lock a man of color up for beating on a woman�if they thought I was an abuser they would have already locked me up, said James.

After arguing with Ms. Williams about her decision, she informed Mr. James of the Team Decision Meeting, on October 2nd, 2006, regarding his family and to attend it. The department was writing up a petition for temporary custody of the children, and he needed to go to the court on October 4th, 2006. At the Team Decision Meeting (T.D.M), there were a lot of arguments, debates, and many lies thrown out by the department furthering confusion in the family situation.

Supervisor Colanco admitted that the department had "dropped the ball" on James's family, in providing services and has let them "slip through their cracks". Mr. James volunteered to sign up for programs with the Bayview Hunter's Point Resource Center, with Nicoleus Hooker who was present at the T.D.M, the following day.

October 4th, 2006 proved to be the beginning of the end for James, after the department presented a petition to him claiming domestic violence and child and medical neglect.

The absurdness of the situation continued to grow. James's childhood was examined and brought up in legal proceedings without first receiving consent from him, or any of his family. "The trauma in Mr. James's childhood has led to ineffective parenting of his children,� they said.

James was raised well by a loving family, went to private schools his whole life, and has held a job since he was 15 years of age. He graduated from one of the top three private high schools in San Francisco, California. His children lived in an eight bed-roomed home, large back yard, and private schools for them, as well.

James's verbal, and written complaints about the department, and the malicious writings of Mrs. Carter led them to keep misleading the courts with false reports of lies, hearsay without the judge hearing both sides. The department has been committing perjury, over and over on this case. However, the department's lies were sustained as "true" without the production of any real evidence, by the callously corruptive C.P.S in the Bayview Hunter's Point District.

Even in a meeting with C.P.S ombudsman, Todd Wright, who informed James that he would take any action against C.P.S, but was also quick to inform him that he could not be a witness to the things he heard in a meeting with Section Manager, Tracy Burris, Donita Carter, and James, himself.

They blatantly showed absolute disregard to his parental rights, with discrimination, character assassination, patient breach of confidentiality, and defamation of character. The Bayview Department of Social Services has been abusing James� family for years and it seems with corrupt judges and workers that there�s no end in sight.

James and his family are seeking legal support in their struggle against the C.P.S.


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