Poverty it will make you hungry

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

by Joseph Perryman

Poverty it will make you hungry

cause you have no money

and when you ask people for it

they think it’s funny

but in time I might

do a crime for a dime or two

sometimes I bust a rhyme to relieve

the stress cause i’m not doin my best

how did I get caught up in this mess

I hope I pass the test

before I end up with the rest

incarceration removed to another nation

to a modren day plantaion

in a goverment location

filled with police wearing blue a fleece

chasing me around like geese

trying to put me in the belly of the beast

and they can’t wait to feast with the

words of the law making

free birds bounce off the wall

herding like cattle us down the hall

ready to take action like a verb to shut yo jaw


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