Decepticons: To Punish and Enslave

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

A Race and Class analysis and Pop Culture review of Transformers- the Movie

by By Brother Y /Poverty and Race Scholar/PNN ReVIewsFOr The REvoLution

I, Brother Y, poverty scholar, casualty of the war on drugs, and career criminal of the crime of being a black male in Amerikkka, recently saw Transformers, the movie, and give it two black power fists up!

Right on! Right on! Finally the truth about the Ameriklan criminals dispensing the unJustice system, the military industrial complex and the mass media onto its citizens. Although this movie is science fiction, there is much truth told in it about big business, the war on drugs and the war on the poor in Amerikkka.

Usually the way things go in marketing movies made for children is the movie comes first and if it is successful then come a plethora of paraphernalia related to the movie including action figures, comic books, games and any other children’s items one might imagine; not so with Transformers.

Transformers is a movie based on a comic book that is based on a cartoon that is based on a popular children’s action figure. The Transformer’s movie gives the basic history of where the Transformers came from what divided them into separate camps and what item of importance they are both trying to gain control of. I do not like giving away movie plots but as my friend Josh Zeide the big successful entertainment lawyer in Atlanta would say there are only three universal stories. Even I must admit this is one of them. Suffice it to say this war is of power like all wars in human history regardless of the lies or excuses given.

Just as the Autobots and their archenemies, the Decepticons, rapidly change shape to go into battle as robots, they also rapidly change from robots to non-threatening vehicles to blend into their surroundings. Actually the Decepticons rapidly change into robots and threatening vehicles, such as police cars, tanks and other vehicles of state condoned violence to blend in.

One of the first instances of a dramatic transformation is shortly after the Autobot Bumble Bee is purchased by the father of the main human character as a graduation present from a used car lot. Bumble Bee appears to be just another beat up old hoopty, but after a chase scene and subsequent battle the boy is told who and what Bumble Bee really is. The response of course is one of disbelief and questioning, if he truly is as claimed, why does he masquerade as a beat up old piece of crap? Bumble Bee’s feelings are hurt so he pimps himself out. (No, not like a hooker, like a car!).

In the ironic way that children often make innocent yet profound statements that appear to be wise beyond their years, The Transformers movie does the same.

For anyone willing to look at life, as it truly is not just the way they want it to be, such an example is the ironic way that art can imitate life. “Transformers” metaphorically exemplifies the fact that big business and big government is the established enemy of the poor and working class masquerading as a friend or helper.

The writing on the wall can be no clearer than the motto inscribed on the side of the
Decepticons “police car” - “To punish and enslave.”

This brings the harsh reality of life as those of us victimized by big business and big government know the” war on drugs,” ”the war on terror” and” the war on the poor”
(so called “quality of life violations”) are all one and the same. Big business and big government fit together like hand and glove.

The mainstream media, of course, are their willing co-conspirators and propaganda machine. Revolutionary media, guerrilla vendors and anti-establishment activist
are of course on the other side of the line drawn in the sand. To completely
clarify things, mainstream America is the proverbial war-like Decepticons,
whereas the counter culture is the peace loving proverbial Autobots.

Down with the establishment! Join the revolution; transform your life and the world around you!

‘nuff said.

Brother Y


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