After Bush/Obama Times Pt. 1

root - Posted on 09 July 2007

The long Nightmare nearly done.

Next Admin,much work yet more fun.

Let loose Peace,Applied Science and...

safely bring real wonders we dare dream,make real and true.

by Joseph Bolden

After Bush/Obama Times PT. 1

Between listening to a guy on 106.5 FM,reading the Emortality series[Look up Conquest of Death by Alvin Silvertein. .

The Author Brian Stableford creator of the Emortaity series
acknowledged his debt to Silverstien.

Emortality differs from Immortality not by how its spelled but also its meaining [this is mine as I understand it].

Emortality is a state or process where one does not age or ages slower, cannot contract disease but still able to die.

Well,better get use to emortality as an emergency stopgap to life extension
or as one Mr. Stableford characters says"Riding The Elevator To Immortality."

Life Extended science before true immortality.

I learn anew,to crawl before I can walk.

I'll go being an emortal ("False Immortal")

Before being frozen down wait until all the best applide science is there.

But if I get too old,I'll be coolin'it on ice too

Life's a gamble,this is the biggest one I want to play right now!

Oh,forgot, Immortality is the inability to die.
I like that unless one gets horridly burned and that takes years for complete skin,nerve,cell regeneration to take place.

Pain is the same unless blocked by improved nano-medical devices.

Great,unless you go insane because of unblocked pain before being completely healed.

What a dreadful side of immortality but I’ll risk it.

If a poor,no cash slob like me can survive Bush's Administration I certainly can try to snag emortality for me and those who've lived through this "Bushit"

What has any of the above to do with Bush and Obama?

Not much except that Born-Again-Bush,Vice Prez’ Dick,Tom Delay,and all his

croney friends have caused death,destruction, and have slowed the pace of not only alternate energy science but also medical advancement!

Think back folks, between dead prez Ronald Reagon’s decade long ban on Biotechnology and Bush’s Born Again-War Prez-Fear- Stem Cell-Stolen Cash administration is over you know we will celebrate that day.

Unless Marshal Law is enacted to keep Bush in legally for illegal means.

Most if not all the technologies will spring forth.

Maybe veterans, and their familes who’ve sacrificed time,risked, limb,lives,some lost forever will be the first besides a few citizens to partake of stem cell and or

tissue repair technology for nerve repair,synaptic cloning giving back what was lost of motor or higher brain function though some memories are forever lost.

This is what I wait for:

The long way back from this gray tunnel where we’ve been told that the science and technologies that can save,rebuild countless lives

cannot be done because of one man's stuborn religious myopia.

I do believe the best way to win this socalled war is to withdraw our troops.

After all,this insanity began because of one man’s thirst and help from a few friends to be a WAR PRESIDENT,SCARE US WITH 911 OVER AND OVER WHILE TAKING AWAY OUR CIVIL RIGHTS – LEFT AND RIGHT TO COIN A PHAISE.



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