People Speaking Up

5000 unemployed workers in Oakland protest cuts to welfare for unemployed workers

Moving Off the Lie of The Budget Cut into Community Reparations

The People Draft a Manifesto for Change and introduce Community Reparations

Manifesto for Change

The Manifesto For Change is a truly "green" model for housing, art, micro-business, spirituality, interdependence, self-accountability, care-giving and community....

Living A Life.

Turn of the wheel.

I can change titles.

From pits to cherries.

Think I'll live and learn

some more.

Panic Patch Politics

Politics Again!

Here we go on a-voting spree.

50+ And Counting

OK,pass the big 50.

Time for what else?

Travel and return or keep...

on Truckin'

REAL Education Means Racially Just Education

A revolutionary proposal for families and teachers is proposed to the West Contra Costa School Board

Nuclear Waste on Ancestral Lands

Indigenous Holy Lands Nuked by the US Government


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