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Blogs and Journalizm by Poverty Skolaz locally and globally linked below:

The Dumbing Down of Youth of Color in Amerikkka

October 7, 2014

It would seem that common courtesy and respect to elders is a thing of the past.

In my most recent travels I have noticed more and more, as I greet strangers, especially youth of color, that they rudely ignore me and even stare at me indignantly.

A colleague of mine, Norma, actually overheard a white woman tell her children “Oakland is a dumpster. Oakland is part of California, but it is the worst part because all the poor people from all over the world come to Oakland.”

Power Tu D People!

October 7, 2014

Several years ago former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom shared his vision of making SF the greenest city in America while in office. In more recent years Mayor Ed Lee has invited many tech giants into the city which has caused real estate prices to increase drastically. I have an idea that can address the holes in these two mayors' visions for the city.

PNN-TV: Denika Chatman from Kenny Harding Jr Foundation on Deep East TV

PNN-TV; Denika Chatman from Kenny Harding Jr Foundation speaks/teaches at Street Newsroom on Deep East TV to Youth Skolaz at Deecolonize Academy

From EBT to EBOLA - Amerikkkan Scarcity Models Kill

From racist stereotypes to doctor errors, wite science/big pharma "cures", a so-called Homeless man on the loose in Dallas who "might" have Ebola and now the revelation of poor immigrants of color HELLthcare being one of the factors in Thomas Eric Duncan's death, I am reminded, as i often am, that Amerikkkan scarcity models kill. .

Lurking GMOs

Do you frequent the farmer's market or shop organic produce thinking you are GMO-free?

You could be dead wrong. GMO's could be lurking where you least expect them!

My personal experience at the farmer's market recently made me suspect just this!

I bought an avocado and a bag of tomatoes thinking I was getting a good deal and fresh produce.

But what can you say about tomatoes that sit in a plastic bag in one spot for a week and show no signs of decay?

How about the fact that there was no juice when it was cut open?

Sidewalk Grannies Marketplace

October 2014

Along with many things that are ever-changing in San Francisco is the crackdowns on the sidewalk grannies marketplace.

The sidewalk grannie market is generally elder female Chinese immigrants presumably selling odds and ends that they get for free.

They generally have fewer than 20 items at a time that range in price from 1-3 dollars.

How to (Maybe) Survive and Encouter With Law Enforcement Even If You're Black Brown or Disabled!

October 2014

Since September 11, 2001, there have been numerous incidents involving law enforcement severely injuring or killing civilians. The vast majority of these victims have been black, brown or disabled.

The majority of the officers have been white.

Most recently the incident that has made national headlines regarding this sort of incident involved unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Boycott the US Military!

October 2014

This may seem like an odd statement coming from a proud US military veteran who earned a life long skill that has benefitted him greatly.

The first thing you need to understand is, why would I say this?

We as people of color have made as many contributions to the US becoming the powerful nation that it has become, but have paid the ultimate price here and abroad, sometimes more than our white counterparts.

First, one must understand the rich history that people of color have added to the US military.

Unfair Fare Evasion

On September 25, 2014, I was stopped by the San Francisco Police and given a ticket for fare evasion.

I and another gentlemen of African descent were stopped for this alleged offense while hipsters and yuppies enjoyed their privilege of not being cited by police presumably because it was assumed that they were going to work and therefore “contributing” to society.

Less than an hour earlier I received a transfer from the previous bus I caught that morning but apparently lost it.


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