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Ferguson and the 7 "F's

1) As we chant to F#@*k the Po'Lice can we also commit to NOT (F)phoning the Po'Lice

2) As we begin "Filming the Po'Lice can we also work on Firing the Po'Lice.

PNN-TV: Hasta Encontrarlos: Berkeley con Ayotzinapa

Thursday, November 20th - Action and March in Berkeley

Profile Avenger 2014 #001

Nov 6, 2014

It's tough being poor anywhere in the world, but here in the hypocritically wealthiest and hypocritically most racist nation on earth it is particularly challenging. When those with so much more wealth flaunt it and those with white skin privilege pretend white privilege doesnt exist: that's when it gets especially challenging.

One of the greatest challenges is when other people of color put that oppression onto us.

Bart Blues

Years before a foot
of track was laid for
the Bart system

my father collected
record albums with
miles of tracks pressed
into the grooves

he had hundreds of them
and he always handled
them by the edges

he didn't want to
get fingerprints, scratches
or dust on them

said it would
ruin the sound

(not to mention waste his hard earned money from his trusted Janitorial
job over on Van Ness Ave)

But as much as
he tried to take care of those
albums, he couldn't keep some
of them from warping and getting

and those albums would


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