Community Newsroom

Community Newsroom

POOR Magazine's indigenous news-making circle where we re-define news as art, poetry, talk-story, prayer, and music, where we redefine who is a news-maker, and where we decide what the news will be, together, as a family, in a non-hierarchal circle. This is the process for all of PNN's broadcast, written, televised, photographed and spoken news about youth, adults, and elders in poverty locally and globally.

To participate come to POOR Magazine on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 6pm. To get on the agenda with a story, problem, action alert or breaking news piece call 415-863-6306 and leave a message ( preferably two weeks ahead of each meeting)

On-site Child education and food provided at ALL Community Newsrooms

My thoughts on The Human Genome Project

According to my personal study of medical research that has caused me trauma made me write and study the mind. I read an article about the human genome it stated that "On June 26, 2000, the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium announced the production of a rough draft of the human genome sequence. In April, 2003, the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium is announcing an essentially finished version of the human genome sequence." Basically they are trying to clone people in the name of cell research.

PNN-TV: 1st Herstoric Community Newzroom @ Homefulness: Hands Up - Stop Shooting Each OTHER!

Caption: Mama Warrior DInyal New, who lost both of her Suns to Gun Violence in 2014 speaks and shares at POOR Magazine's  1st Herstoric Community Newsroom at Homefulness

Urban Wake-Up Call


Urban Wake-up Call

By Jenny Weston and Menelik/PoorNewsNetwork


“Urban Renewal” is massive displacement and not relocation for residents who are in the extremely low and very low income categories of this community,” Menelik starts out, to the many people joined together in a circle for Poor Magazine’s monthly Newsroom event.

El General si tiene quien lo acuse


El General si tiene quien lo acuse                                        For English

By: Julio

The Crimes of Rios Montt in Guatemala


The General who was accused                               Para Espanol

By: Julio



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