Pectoral Politricks/Notes from the Inside

Tiny - Posted on 10 November 2015

Mr. Charles Chatman is a Plantation Prison Correspondent for POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE. 

Editor's Note: As currently and formerly incarcerated poor and indigenous peoples in struggle and resistance with all plantation systems in Amerikkka, POOR Magazine stands in solidarity with all folks on the other side of the razor wire plantation.  For more information about Mr. Chatman’s organizations, please write to him at


P.O. Box 4490

Lancaster, CA 93539



Lady P


My name is Lady P

Better known as Pectoral

My third eye is what you see

I am the opposite of pandora

Through insight in every light

I diagnose breast cancer

From tears of fright to delight

I seek out the best answer

Prevention and remedy is the key

To eradicating the malignant disease

Our spirit have to be free

To keep our minds at ease

As the body mature in age

Gene mutation take on different forms

We must think like a sage

And transcend all cancer related norms

Now is the moment to seriously act

For tomorrow may be too late

Let screening prove whatever fact

That can revolutionize our nobly fate


Time to Timeless

Mission Statement

            We are a creative company of ideas and inventions that transcend the norm.  Our pursuit is the awakening and upliftment of humanity.  Our products and services are presented to enhance the human spirit.  We welcome everyone in our journey from a state of time to timeless. 



Eightball Black Presidents

Mission Statement

            Our pronouncement of the Eightball Black Presidents of the United States is not in celebration of them.  Matter of fact, it is a reflection of who they were in contrast to what historians made them to be.  The seven black presidents before Obama were Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Hannibal Hamlin, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge and Dwight Eisenhower.  Some of these presidents acknowledged their black heritage, whereas others denied it.  The images surrounding the eight black presidents are facts that blacks endured at the hands of the American system.  Most of history is unknown to the ublic but once revealed it becomes an eye opener to other mysteries clothed in lies. 

            The struggle and freedom of black people in America is ongoing and strong.  We are a beacon to the world.  Our light and voices can never be extinguished through the passage of time, for wisdom is at the root of our existence. 


History Tree

Mission Statement

            The tree itself is symbolic to black people’s strong rooted history in self-preservation throughout America.  Governmental obstacles designed to keep us subservient to the capitalist few has always been our reality.  Like the tree in all seasons, we give life and nourishment under all conditions.

            Our perpetual growth in spirituality and creativity is the soil that gives substance to the world.  The image of Africa dripping blood symbolizes the death and genocidal conditions of her people by imperialistic, domestic and foreign powers.  As our ranks tighten around freedom and independence, so will our fight for them by any means necessary.


Bald Eagle

Mission Statement

            The bald eagle represents the United States government.  Its breastplate make the bulging prison industry with people of color being the majority in attendance.  In its talons are victims of a racist judicial system that is blind to equality.  The ribbon in its mouth reads in Latin UNUS VOX/DIFFERENS MENS.  The english version is ONE VOICE/DIFFERENT MINDS, which translate as the seat of the presidency having one voice independent of the individual that sits upon it.  The different minds refer to the individuality and personality of each president that lives in the shadow during his reign in office.

            To overcome the victimization of the eagle is to see its true purpose in our lives as a predator.  The understanding of the realization has its own action, whose voice is the battlecry of transformation unconditionally.


Scale of Injustice

Mission Statement

            The scale has always been tilted to represent inequality on all levels since its inception.  At the hands of the government, we are targeted and being murdered at an alarming rate.  Grand scale cover-ups in the system from state liability maes the practice an open season for such cruel activity.  This scale is known as justice in America.  Its existence is rooted in deception, where stereo type views are the first reaction to a situation.

            There need to be realiment of the scale for balance to emerge, for without it systematic genocide will continue to reign dominate among our ranks.  Rhetoric that justify such savagery is totally absurd.  It is like the villain being perceived as the victim.



Mission Statement

            Among women, breast cancer is the most common solid tumor and is second only to lung cancer in terms of cancer-related mortality.  The risk of breast cancer correlates with socioeconomic status.  The lifetime risk in the United States for developing invasive breast cancer is approximately 1 in 8 women and is among the highest in the world.

            There is not enough information being circulated in the public that reveal remedies and preventions to breast cancer.  As for the younger generation, they are not taught on their level the significance of learning about breast cancer in all its manifestations.  As well, a large percentage of people with breast cancer are homeless, without medication, drug depended, victims of domestic violence, unaware of their disease, eating foods that make their condition worst and suffering from psychological breakdowns lasting a lifetime.

            Time to Timeless, LLC has created Pectoral, which is a breast cancer ribbon game that can be played by children and adults.  Also, she can be played in association with other forms of cancer.  She have encyclopedia knowledge and speaks multiple languages.  She is magical in other ways that has yet to be revealed.  Her endeavors are threefold: enlightenment, motivation and remedy.  Most of her proceeds will go towards assisting individuals stricken with breast related cancer, donating to cancer related organizations and movements, research, health education and domestic violence establishments.

            Education, awareness and sharing is the key to understanding.  Come join us and help us become an instrument of salvation for those inflicted with cancer and victims of domestic violence.  Your assistance, involvement and donations provides a means for a cancer free tomorrow and light on what causes it.    


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